Product Review: Injinji Performance Series Running Socks

The Injinji Performance Series Socks are strange-looking socks that have individual compartments for each toe.  These running socks are made of a wicking material intended to keep your feet dry during intense exercise and are constructed using a seamless design to reduce friction and hotspots.  They take some getting used to since they feel so strange when putting them on, but after about 5 minutes of wearing them, you no longer feel the fabric between your toes and they feel just like any other sock.

Injinji Price (3 out of 5)

Injinji socks are definitely pricey, $12 to $16 per pair.  That price is comparable to other socks made from high tech materials, but still on the high side.  I would rate them higher in this regard if they were slightly less expensive.

Injinji Durability (3 out of 5)

The material that these socks are constructed from is quite thin and tends to wear out quickly.  When I wear them, they usually start pilling near my Achilles where they eventually form a hole…for me, it’s always in this location.  In order to extend their life as much as possible, I don’t wear them except in races and extremely long runs.

Injinji Blister Prevention (5 out of 5)

The Injinji website talks about the toes being free because they each have their own seperate compartment, but I don’t know that there is any additional benefit in that regard over and above any other sock.  What makes the Injinjis really stand apart is that the toes are seperated by a thin layer of fabric, practically eliminating toe blisters.

I have used these toe socks in races ranging from 5k distances to 100 milers and I have NEVER gotten a blister on my toe, even during long dust-filled races.  I did get a blister on the back of my foot in these socks, but I attribute that blister to a rough spot on the inside of my shoe, not the socks.  Their track record in this department is the reason that I continue to purchase them.

Injinji Conclusion

Injinji socks are a great tool in the runner’s toolbox, especially those who have problems with toe blisters.  They are a little pricey and not as durable as I would like, but for races, I use them extensively because they work as advertised for blister avoidance.