Product Review: Gu Roctane Gels

Cardio Alternatives for the Injured Runner

Unfortunately, most runners will get injured at some point in their running “career”.  If you are anything like me, there is nothing worse than getting injured and worrying about losing my hard-earned fitness level.  While nothing can completely take the place of actual running for maintaining running fitness levels, overall cardiovascular fitness can be maintained by carefully selecting an alternative exercise. Supplementing with cissus quadrangularis speed up recovery while you are finding that similar alternative.

100 Mile Ultramarathon Training Program for First-Timers

Training for a 100 mile ultramarathon is a seemingly impossible task for most runners to get their head wrapped around.  Admittedly, these races tend to draw a fringe group of runners, widely considered to have more than a few screws loose.  But those willing to train hard and prepare intelligently will not find a more accepting, helpful, laid-back group of runners with which to develop friendships.  Many an ultramarathon has been saved by the kind words or helpful advice of a stranger when all hope seemed to be lost.  But beware, those who cross over to the dark side ra

2010 Palo Duro 50 Mile Ultramarathon – Race Report

Since I put it out there that my goal was 9:30 for this race, I’ll just start by saying that I didn’t even come close to that time.  I finished the race in 10:56 (I think) and I’m not as disappointed in that time as I thought I might be.  The daytime highs were mid to upper 90s with almost no wind and I felt like I was running in an oven.  There is no way that I could have hit my goal time under those conditions and lots of runners DNF’d either by choice, or were pulled from the race.  50 miles is a long way to run, especially under those conditions, and I managed to tou

Palo Duro 2010 Strategy

This is my third Palo Duro 50 miler, so I have a pretty good idea of what is ahead of me.  The race is structured as a 12.5 mile loop that is run 4 times with 4 aid stations.  You end up with 5 aid stations over the course of a single loop (including the start/finish area) because you pass one of the aid stations twice.  The longest distance between any two aid stations is about 4 miles, so there is plenty of aid available during the race.

Palo Duro 50 Miler In Two Days – Let The Packing Commence

Well, it has finally arrived.  The race is in two days and now it’s time to start packing up all of my equipment.  No doubt that Don has been packed for weeks now, but I’m a born procrastinator and I like to wait until the last minute.  I would just worry that I forgot something for weeks, so rather than do that, I just worry that I forgot something for a few days.

And it isn’t like I’m leaving civilization.  On second thought, this is Amarillo.  I figure that there is nothing that I could leave behind that I couldn’t buy in a pinch.

Free Running T-Shirt Winner Is…

Tim Wilson of 26.2 Quest.  Tim was randomly selected among a whopping 13 entries (some emailed) for the free running t-shirt from Running T Shirts

Tim, contact me at erunningguide [at] gmail [.] com with the name of the shirt, and type if it is available in a regular t-shirt or a wicking t-shirt.  Also let me know the address to which you would like the shirt shipped.

Congratulations, Tim, and to everyone else who entered…thanks for playing.

Running Partners – Worth Their Weight In Gold

Finding the right running partner or partners can really help increase your performance in races or when moving up to greater distance levels.  For runners who are just beginning, knowing that another person is counting on you to show up can be a great motivator.  As you move into racing and want to increase performance, the right running partner can help motivate you during tedious long runs, or intense speed work sessions.  So what qualities should you look for in a running partner?