Product Review: Band Aid Advanced Healing Bandages

Ok, so this is not strictly a review of a “running” product, but I so adore these bandages that I must mention them, in case any readers out there have never used them.  The best bandages EVER are made from a material called Compeed.  Band-Aid brand bandages has sold bandages made of this material for several years under the name Advanced Healing Bandages.  You can tell that they are the right type because the Band-Aid box is silver, not white like other Band-Aid bandages.

Johson and Johnson also sells them and I noticed that Walgreen’s and CVS pharmacies sell these bandages under their house brands.  The key words to look for are “Advanced Healing”.  Some products even mention Compeed, by name.  I have personally purchased the Walgreen’s brand and have confirmed that these were made of the same material.

The bandages are a single piece of a gel-like material that really sticks to a wound.  I have had them stay on the bottom of my foot, after running and showering, for several days.  They are raised in the center of the bandage and slowly get thinner, until they are paper-thin at the edges.  This does two things.

  1. The thick part of the bandage pads the wound from impact and abrasion.
  2. The super-thin edges don’t curl up…they really stay stuck to your skin.

Another great “feature” of these bandages is that they are stretchy.  If you need to put a bandage in a curvy place on your foot, or elsewhere, you can tug and pull at the bandage to make it fit perfectly without leaving any creases.  They also come in sizes and shapes intended for use on fingers and toes and these also do not leave any creases.

Finally, the outer surface of the bandage does not stick to your socks or shoes.  It feels almost “powdery” by comparison.  I’ve never had one get rubbed off by accident.

For blisters, there is no better bandage that I have ever come across.  They are pretty pricey for a bandage, but I buy the largest Band-Aid size (about  1 1/2 inches by 1 inch) and cut them into smaller pieces, if needed.

For longer races, you live and die by the condition of your feet, and I feel that these are so important, and lightweight, that I carry them with me on all long runs. If I feel a blister, or hot spot, starting, I stop right there and put one of these on to keep the blister from forming and it has worked every time.

Do your feet a favor and try these bandages the next time you end up with a blister or hotspot. Without a doubt, these are one of the best running “gear” discoveries that I have found.

To further aid the healing process, you can supplement vitamin C to help your body heal and recover faster from strenuous workouts/running.